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7 Reasons You Need To Try Non-Toxic Laundry Detergent today!

non toxic laundry detergent

This post discusses natural laundry detergents and compares the top 7 non toxic laundry detergents. A household’s average amount of laundry in a week is 80 loads, yes 80! If you’re considering reducing your home’s chemical and toxic load, laundry detergent and cleaning products are an excellent place to start. Why choose non-toxic laundry detergent? […]

How To Stop Bugs And Spiders From Triggering Motion Cameras

spiders and bugs on motion camera

We recently installed a high-tech security system after a pretty terrifying home invasion. It’s incredible what these cameras can do and what they can pick up. The camera quality is extremely clear, and I was thrilled with the system and the peace of mind it gave us, especially after such a traumatic experience. Our motion […]