The One Big Reason I Give My 8 Year Old A Weighted Blanket.

I struggle to get my little boy to sleep at night.

Kids with ADHD don’t need a lot of sleep, and my son is no exception. Even though we have a strict nighttime routine, he is often out of bed at 12.30 am. So, I try to make things as relaxed as possible at bedtime.

My son loves a blanket, and the bigger, the better! Whenever he’s on the sofa, he’s snuggled under a blanket.  

I discovered that a weighted blanket is thought to help kids with ADHD with their sleep difficulties, and I was keen to see how it affected my child’s sleep. 

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The weighted blanket for ADHD.

This weighted blanket is comforting without being too heavy. 

I use the weighted blanket to settle my little boy down after bathing. We read a story together, and snuggled underneath it. Because it is so comforting, it helps to stop him from repeatedly getting out of bed after I’ve left. 

In the mornings, I find it also helps him sleep longer, which allows him to catch up on the sleep he’s losing late at night and stops him from getting up at the crack of dawn!

This weighted blanket comes in seven sizes: 

The weight of the blanket required depends on the size and weight of your child. Do not use it on children or adults who can not move alone.

It is used to help with stress, insomnia, anxiety and ADHD. It gives a sense of serenity and calms through a deep touch sensation. The pockets are stitched to distribute the weight evenly. It is filled with hypoallergenic, non-toxic micro glass beads. 

Does your child suffer from anxiety or sleeping problems? Let us know how you cope in the comments below.

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