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As a busy mum of two kids, there’s not a lot I haven’t experienced as a parent.

If I hit a problem on the road, I found the solution and it’s my job to share as many parenting shortcuts with you as possible.

I have a child who is diagnosed with ADHD and I know the struggles parents face each day with children with special needs.


The One Big Reason Your Toddler Refuses To Sit On The Potty!

toddler sitting on a potty

Starting to potty train your child can be very daunting for most parents. Even after you have mastered potty training with an older child you suddenly realize your toddler refuses to sit on the potty! Everything you thought you knew about potty training goes out of the window as you struggle to get your 3-year-old […]

Does Hair Dye Kill Lice? How To Kill Nits: The Facts

does hair dye kill lice

It’s the moment we all dread, your child starts scratching their head. Not just the usual little itchy scratch, it’s the frantic “there’s something crawling in my hair” scratch, and you know you’re going to be in for a long night! Head lice are prevalent at your kid’s school and your child has just gone […]

All You Need To Know About Starting Primary School

starting primary school

Starting primary school for the first time can be a daunting experience for both parents and children. In this post, we will be supplying the skills you need to help your child start preparing for school activities. We will be giving you some suggestions on how to manage the first day of primary school and […]

Seven Mindful Ways To Be A Less Angry Parent

how to be a less angry parent

Why do we get angry? Anger can arise from various triggers like a feeling of being attacked, powerless and vulnerable. When we have low self-esteem or have had a bad day and don’t feel great about ourselves it’s easier to react to certain triggers. It’s more common to snap at your child for having an untidy room […]

2 Amazingly Simple Steps To Stopping Toddlers From Hitting

how to stop a toddler from hitting

Stopping toddlers from hitting and biting can be a really difficult time for most parents. In this post, I will share with you some techniques I used on my son to help him control his aggressive behaviour. Why toddlers hit A child may hit  or display aggressive  behavior for various reasons: They don’t understand other peoples […]

How To Have An Amazing Screen Free Week

alternatives to screen time, screen free week

I worry constantly that my kids are spending too many hours glued to their screens. I also frequently hear about the constant battles other parents have with their children to get them interested in anything other than the PlayStation or their tablets. The difficulty we are all are facing is prizing our kids away from their […]

How To Get Toddlers To Eat Vegetables

how to get toddlers to eat vegetables

Do you feel that? The Mom guilt tugging away at your heartstrings when your kid turns his nose up at the healthy stuff. Arrrghh,  knowing how to get toddlers to eat vegetables without nagging and resorting to bribery is like trying to find the golden chalice, the struggle is real! Parenting can be hard at […]