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In today’s busy times we are bombarded with media in so many forms it can be quite overwhelming, leaving us exhausted and desperate for a digital detox. Learn how to switch off from media and slow down your family with our easy to follow guides.

Learn how to reconnect with your family and spend quality free time together.

Read how to get your kids to switch off their electronics and encourage them to have a digital detox. Disconnect from the bad habits all too common with the digital age and see how your family bonds in a way you didn’t think possible.


How To Unplug From Social Media.

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The average teenager spends a staggering nine hours a day on social media! Whilst this seems crazy to many hard working adults it’s a reality that most teenagers know no different! It might not be wise to be so quick to judge these inbetweeners, you may be surprised to hear that the average adult spends […]

How Have An Amazing Screen-Free Week With Kids

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I constantly worry that my kids spend too many hours glued to their screens. I also frequently hear about parents’ constant battles with their children to get them interested in anything other than the PlayStation or their tablets. We are all facing difficulty prizing our kids away from their devices and phones, which is a huge […]