How To Clean Sticky Wood Kitchen Cabinets

If you’ve got lovely new shiny white gloss kitchen cabinets then you’re not going to need this post! But, if like me you’ve got a huge home improvement job ahead of you and have inherited some hideously greasy old wood cabinets covered in years worth of grime, then you’re gonna’ want to stick around! In today’s post, I will be discussing the best way to remove greasy residue on the surface of your cabinet doors and showing you how to clean sticky wood kitchen cabinets in a few easy steps!

Over time, layers of grease build up and stick to the surface of the wood, if this is not wiped away regularly during kitchen cleaning it mixes with dust and dirt and gets stickier and stickier, making it virtually impossible to remove. Harsh chemicals in some cleaning products and lots of scrubbing can damage your wooden doors and be quite ineffective against this hideous sticky residue.

These cleaning tips should be followed with care and tested in an inconspicuous area before you start!

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How to clean sticky wood kitchen cabinets step by step.

  1. Remove surface dirt

    Remove surface dirt by washing the cabinets using a soft cloth and a solution of soapy water, being careful not to over-soak the wood. Use a toothbrush to get into the corners of the wood. I also prefer to clean the inside and sides of the cabinets at the same time.

  2. Clean the hinges

    Using a small toothbrush or stiff brush like this one and some degreaser or dish soap, clean the hinges by giving them a good scrub, then rinse well with warm water.

    sticky kitchen cupboards

  3. Concentrate on the very greasy areas.

    Using a cotton pad soaked in orange oil, gently rub around the stickiest areas to loosen the grease. I like to apply the orange oil then leave it to work its magic for a few minutes.
    In especially stubborn areas you might need to repeat this process. If you find this is an ineffective cleaner on your sticky areas you can try making a thick paste of baking soda/ bicarbonate of soda and vegetable oil and work into the affected areas, taking care not to scrub too hard. You may need to repeat this process until all the grease is removed, then rinse well.

How to clean sticky wood kitchen cabinets with this orange oil!

I find it easier to remove the cabinet handles and soak them in a soapy solution to make cleaning kitchen cabinets that little bit easier, unless of course the handles are made of wood!

Now your kitchen cabinets should be super clean and you might even fancy giving them a lick of paint!

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