We all know that when your house is freshly cleaned and polished that no one visits right? And we all know that as soon as we are overwhelmed with chaos and haven’t had time to clean that we get the phone call to tell us that someone is dropping by and they’ll be here in five minutes.  Whether you’ve got five minutes or you need to pop upstairs while your guests are arriving, I’ve put together a quick list of super fast things to clean in a hurry!

Seven Things To Clean In A Hurry Checklist:

  • Fragrance, get your home smelling clean and fresh, fill sinks with disinfectant and allow to sit, wipe any areas near the front door with disinfectant, so the house smells clean as the guests arrive. Wipe radiators with disinfectant to help smells circulate into all the rooms. My favourite go-to disinfectant for emergency cleaning is Dettol  I always have this in my cleaning kit 


  • If your bathroom is dirty, unexpected guests will assume the rest of the house is too! It’s challenging to keep the loo clean when you have small kids but staying on top of the loo cleaning routine helps avoid the emergency toilet cleaning in a hurry!


  • Close any doors to which the unexpected guests will not be entering, don’t worry about the rooms they won’t be going in, use your time to clean the rooms they will be using most.



  • Serve some nibbles!  I always keep a jar of olives and some nibbly crackers to serve if I’m caught out by visitors, this helps people feel welcome and at home. Some garlic bread slices in the freezer are also great for serving in a hurry!


  •  The kitchen is a priority to clean or at least to tidy before anyone comes round try to get into the habit of keeping your kitchen clean all the time, so it’s one less thing to clean in a hurry!


  • Try to create a routine which will help you stay on top of the housework so if you are caught out by visitors, a quick  tidy round and straighten up will be all that is needed


  • Try to get your kids to help by setting a timer and getting them to put away as much as they can in ten minutes for a prize as the timer goes off , if three people are tidying for ten minutes each then you’ve got 30 minutes of tidying done!


how to clean for unexpected guests


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