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How To Find A Cleaning Lady You Can Trust

Anyone who has ever used a professional house cleaning company knows that it can be complicated finding cleaning professionals you can trust, and it’s even more challenging to hold onto them once you’ve found one.
In this post, we will discuss how to find a cleaning lady or house cleaning company you can trust!

A cleaning company  may help

  • Elderly customers who struggle to keep up with daily tasks
  • Professionals who work full time
  • People who have chronic pain or depression
  • People who have just compleated building work
  • New mums who struggle to find time  to clean
  • People who dislike cleaning
  • People who are moving into or out of a property.
  • Landlords and end of tenancy.
  • Offices, shops and other commercial buildings.
  • The medical profession

What are house cleaning professionals?

Professional house cleaners are people who are paid to come and clean your house as often as you require.

  • They may be a  house cleaning professional run by an individual cleaning lady who cleans solo with no team members or staff, often referred to as a cleaning lady or cleaner.
  •  They may be a house cleaning company who employs various team members who rotate your house clean often referred to as a crew.
  • They may offer end of tenancy cleans, post construction cleans, move out cleans,  move in cleans, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleans.
  • There is a  difference between a cleaning service and a housekeeper so be sure you know which service you require before hiring! Housekeepers often live in and do jobs such as meals, laundry, beds, childcare and many other jobs a professional cleaner does not.

The benefits of hiring a cleaning lady.

It can be difficult to know how to find a good house cleaner when you find a cleaner you can trust the benefits are huge:

  • The routine of having the same person cleaning your home is attractive to the elderly, people who have small children, and dogs, as the family get used to seeing a familiar face each week.
  • Working relationships between house cleaner and client often get stronger the longer, the cleaner works for the client.
  • Often clients say how they enjoy the convenience of having someone they are familiar with in their home as it allows them to feel relaxed.
  • Continuity of cleaning increases, the more times a cleaner cleans your property.
  • Flexibility from both client and  house cleaner increases as the solo cleaner becomes a valued member of the client’s circle
  • Solo cleaners often come via word of mouth and with personal recommendations.

The benefits of having a cleaning service

  • Less time is spent in your house, as there are twice as many cleaning professionals,  which may be better for busy households.
  • Because the house cleaning company employ lots of staff, there should be someone to cover sick days, school holidays, and illness, therefore, there should be fewer cancellations to affect your home cleaning schedule.
  • Weekend and evening cleaning services are often available if there is a crew to cover these hours.

How to find a cleaning lady you can trust.

Finding someone you can trust around your family pets and possessions can be somewhat overwhelming. It’s essential to follow specific procedures before you let anyone into your home, primarily if they are working with children and vulnerable adults.
  • Decide which type of housekeeping service you would prefer to have in your home, a team of cleaners or a solo cleaner.
  • Decide how many man hours you’d like to spend on cleaning your home.
  •  Ask the cleaning company to do a walk-through of your home before you agree to hire them.
  • Explain to the professional house cleaners, precisely what you’d like cleaning and how often you’d prefer them to come. run through any items in your house which need special care taken when cleaning such as granite surfaces or family heirlooms.
  • Ask if they have a checklist, most cleaning companies offer a deep cleaning service and a maintenance cleaning service, and both priced very differently. It is essential to study this thoroughly, so you know precisely what you’re paying for and to eliminate any misunderstandings.
  •  Double check the rates of pay, some cleaners charge by the hour, some have a flat rate per job. A professional cleaner paid hourly should never leave early if they say they’ve  “done all the work”. If you’ve paid them for two hours, they should stay for the full two hours.
  • The cleaning team should be able to tell during the walkthrough how much they can clean in a specific time. If you want more to be cleaned, you will need to book for extra hours. It’s common to assume, that a professional would be able to whizz through your house in no time, but remember, housecleaning is hard work. They are cleaning professionals, and they will thoroughly clean the places you wouldn’t clean each week. To enable the job to be done to a high standard, you will have to allow them plenty of time!
  •  If you are hiring a solo lady for cleaning, you may need to be flexible with your days around school holidays.
  • Tidy up and pick up your stuff! If your house cleaner is having to spend precious time moving your clutter from one place to another or pick stuff up off the floor, she is also losing lots of cleaning time! Clear surfaces, a tidy floor and a clutter-free home are a professional house cleaners dream!
  • Wash the dishes!  My clients would prefer me to clean under the bed or wiped down the woodwork rather than spend half an hour washing last nights dinner plates!  Utilize your cleaner so they can spend the time doing the spring cleaning for you instead of the dishes!
  • Keep kitchen and bathroom surfaces free from clutter so they can be sanitised quickly and effectively.
  • Make your bed! Don’t waste your house cleaner’s time on making beds, that’s a job for a maid! Some cleaning ladies will, however, change your bed linen if it is agreed beforehand, but remember changing beds is time-consuming!
  • Agree with your house cleaning lady beforehand whether they will be using their products or if you will be providing the products yourself. Personally, I  prefer to bring my own products as I know what works and what doesn’t work, however, it is ok for you to ask your cleaner to use your products if that’s what you prefer.  Many house cleaners, don’t like to use bleach,  so it’s always good to check beforehand.
  • Ask for references. CRB security checks are essential when working in a home where there are children and vulnerable adults.  Don’t skip this step; you need to know who you are letting into your home and that they’ve had the correct background security checks, especially if you are expecting them to be a key holder and enter your home when you are not there!
  • Recommendations are another great way to find a cleaner and be sure to you get trustworthy cleaning lady services. It’s always good to go by word of mouth!
  • Ask for insurance details, because no matter how good your house cleaner is,  accidents will happen and you need to make sure the company is covered for any breakages or spills!








How much does a cleaning lady cost?

Cleaning lady rates vary drastically depending on which country and state you live in.

Do some research in your area for an average price before you commit to a company and get several different quotes.

Move out, and post-construction cleans are notoriously challenging, often require specialised equipment and take up a considerable amount of time so be prepared for a hefty bill if that’s the service you are looking for.

A deep clean may be required the first time you hire a cleaning company, so that they can get it to a standard that only needs a maintenance clean each week, discuss these details at the walkthrough.

If you decide to book a monthly clean, it will probably cost you more than a weekly or bi-weekly clean; this is because the clean is no longer a maintenance clean as it will get dirtier than if it was scheduled to be cleaned each week!


In my next post, I  will be talking about what to expect from a house cleaner and how to prepare your home for them coming,  don’t miss out, subscribe to our updates today and you’ll get access to our exclusive secret resources library!

Do you have any questions you’d like to ask before hiring a professional cleaning company, drop us a line in the comments!

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how to find a cleaning lady you can trust

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8 Of The Best Free Printable Kids Chore Charts

Are your kids kicking up a stink when you ask them to help out around the house? Are you struggling to find age appropriate chores for your family to help with? Are you sick of looking at your older kids untidy room? Do you wish you had a system that actually worked? Well look no further than our amazing free printable kids chore charts for kids of all ages and abilities!

From a very young age, kids love to help out,  I’m going to show you how to tap into their eagerness to learn and get your toddlers, tweens and teens to be self-reliant.  I’ll give you strategies to help you create your own kid’s chore charts.  I’ve created these beautiful age-appropriate responsibility charts, for kids of all ages,  and they’re waiting for you to download for free from our amazing printable resources library!

From toddlers to teenagers, it can be a struggle for parents to get their kids to help out. I’m going to give you some strategies to get your kids to create great habits one simple step at a time.

The benefits of using printable kids chore charts.

The main reason we use a chore chart in our house is as a motivational tool, my kids love to tick jobs off on their kid’s chore list after they’ve compleated them. I use it as a responsibility chart to help them understand the jobs that need to be done every morning and every evening before they watch television or have screen time. Using  printable kids chore charts helps stop any arguments and helps establish a routine.

Now the kids have gone back to school there is no better time to start to use my free printable  kids chore charts to help get homework, spellings, reading and showers done in the evenings.

Kids screen time chore charts

I use these printable kids chore charts as a routine to help my kids be responsible for their own jobs before they have any screen time in the mornings or after school. My kids know they have to tick off all their responsibilities before they watch tv or have screen time. this cuts out any misunderstandings and helps prevent any drama! To read more about how to get your kids off electronics click here

kids chore chart, childrens chore list, screen time chore chart.

Template chore chart

I’ve given you a customisable kids chore chart so you can fill in your own age-appropriate chores or create your add your own weekly chore.

Free customisable kids chore chart

I bought a cheap laminator and get my kids to tick when their jobs are done. Just click on the button to download your free printable  kids chore charts.

Kids responsibility charts

We are not trying to get our kids to do hundreds of jobs around the house and we are not trying to offload our responsibilities onto our kids. We are striving to create one great habit at a time to enable our kids to learn the skills they need to carry them through life.

  • Giving kids chores enables the whole house to work as a team.
  • Allows them to see how the household runs.
  • Lets them see how much work is involved in getting chores done.
  •  Gives them valuable skills to take with them throughout life
  • Builds self-esteem and confidence
  •  Helps them learn life skills and helps with self-improvement
  • Gets kids off electronics and broadens interests
  •  Gets children learning by measuring, weighing and reading quantities.
  • Kids spend time outside in the fresh air when performing outdoor chores

We are not suggesting that your children should be doing the work of an adult in the house, but simple kids chores which they already enjoy gives them a sense of value within the family.

How to create an age-appropriate kids chore chart.

You know the struggle if you’ve ever asked a kid to do something, they drag their knuckles and grunt some response,  while eye rolling all at the same time.

My daughter will do any chore for you if she thinks there’s something at the end of it for her.

My son will help out if it is his idea, however, if you ask him to do anything for you then he’s not so keen!  He will, also, however, sell his soul for a sticker!

Kids love helping out, especially small children they enjoy:

  • Spraying and wiping
  • Bubbles and water
  • Cooking
  • Mixing and baking
  • Measuring
  • Sorting
  • Pushing buttons

You know your child better than anyone, think about the jobs that they continually ask to do with you and jot them down, you’ll need this later when it’s time to create your children’s chore chart.

  • If your kids can use a remote control, iPad, or games console without any problem at all, then they should have no trouble working the washing machine!

Toddler chore chart printable with pictures.

chore chart for toddlers , toddler reward chart, kids chore chart
age appropriate toddler chore chart

Toddlers should be given simple age-appropriate tasks as soon as they can make a mess!

For instance, little tiny kids love dropping things in boxes and tubs so putting stuff away is all part of the fun for them.

Toddlers are starting to learn self-care, but are also at the stage where they love to say no! A toddler chore chart with simple self-care tasks is a great way to reward your toddler for the simple little things they do without a fuss such as:

  • Brushing their teeth
  • Tiding toys and books
  • Dusting especially with a feather duster!
  • Getting dressed
  •  Putting their clothes in the laundry basket
  • Setting the table
  • Making their bed

Teach your toddler one skill from the list above and keep repeating this task every day.

I’ve created a fabulous  toddler chore chart, which your toddler will love!  Give your toddler a sticker each time they achieve this daily skill then reward them at the end of the week with something they love to do, like a visit to the park.

Once this skill has become a habit for your toddler, you can then teach them another choice from the list and replace it on the chart.

Do not swamp your little one with more than one task; you’re trying to create good habits, not a list of jobs for your toddler. At this stage, there should only be one job on the chart for them to master.

kids chore chart, toddler chore chart
Blank Toddler chore chart template

Age 4-6  years chore chart jobs

Kids in primary school still have the eagerness to learn new skills and the eagerness to please, so it’s still a great time to teach new skills to support their learning at school. Being able to look after and feed a pet is also a great way to teach your kids responsibility and to introduce the concept that there are other priorities in the house to tend to. 

It’s super important for you to sit down with your child and teach them how to compleat the job correctly and where they will find all the equipment to use, and how to tidy everything away afterwards. It is vital that they know how to do a job from start to finish.

  • All  previous chores
  • Wiping  table and placemats
  • Feeding  pets
  • Keeping their room tidy
  • Making  breakfast
  • Helping  with recycling
  • Washing  dishes

Age 6-8 years chore chart jobs

At this age, children’s skill sets are increasing, and they can have a little bit more responsibility for themselves such as getting swimming kits ready,  preparing packed lunches and making lunches on the weekends. Children of this age still have a keenness to learn new skills and enjoy helping out, so it is reasonably straightforward to teach them some new skills.

  • All above chores
  • Basic food preparation
  • Making  lunch
  • Washing and drying dishes
  • Taking  out the rubbish
  • Filling up  the  dishwasher
  • Pulling  out weeds
  • Making  drinks for the family
  • Helping to bring in  the shopping and unpacking
  • Making packed lunches for school
  • Packing  up sports kits

Age 8-10 chore chart jobs

Although their skill set is increasing even further, it can be an age where kids like to complain about chores and doing jobs. It’s important at this stage to remember to try to adapt your child’s chore chart with jobs they love doing, remember that you’re still trying to create good habits, not offload your work!

  • Walking the  dog
  • Stripping the  beds
  • Folding  towels
  • Emptying  the  dishwasher
  • Putting  garden toys away, such as  bikes etc
  • Taking wheelie bins out and bringing them back in.
  • Cleaning out pets cages.

Age 11 plus chore chart jobs.

We are at the critical age where it’s almost impossible to try to get your kids to do anything unless you’ve already developed ingrained habits from a young age as described in the paragraphs above. Try to remember your teenager is going through a lot of physical changes, has a tremendous amount of pressure at school, may be struggling to find their feet within friendship groups and many other substantial emotional issues which can see them retreat into themselves quite a lot.

It is important not to force the issue but to encourage teamwork for teenagers. If you’ve got a teenager who likes to be alone, they may enjoy the solitude of taking the dog out for a walk each morning.  They may fancy helping you to cook the dinner.

This isn’t a time to ramp up the number of jobs on your teenager’s chore chart, but to instead simplify it only to include jobs they enjoy.

  • Folding washing
  • Putting away their own laundry
  • Load washing and tumble dryer
  • Put new bedding on their bed
  •  Helping with meals
  • Cleaning their personal space in their room

 Printable Family chore chart checklist

kids chore chart template
Family chore chart template

How to teach your kids to do chores.

  • Talk your kids through one chore from the list, carefully and patiently show them how to do the task together, you’ll find your kids enjoy spending one on one time with you, particularly if you chat while you are doing the chore. Kids love learning new stuff. 
  • Give your kids a one job at a time, make it their responsibility and let them take pride in doing it well. Give them plenty of praise each time they do it; this is great for their self-esteem.
  • Add one job at a time,  so they don’t get overwhelmed,  they will learn each skill correctly, this will build self-confidence and self-esteem and is great for morale.
  • Kids love messy jobs, buttons, bubbles, water and measuring, so washing up, putting the laundry in the machine or drier and measuring laundry powder or weighing ingredients are perfect jobs for little ones of all ages.
  • Get your kids to make breakfast when they’re old enough, they love the responsibility of buttering and spreading jam on bread or toast and sploshing milk into cereal. This is a great way to start their interest in cooking and helping with mealtimes
  • Setting the table helps them to feel part of the mealtime preparation and makes them feel part of a team. 
  • Get your kids to tidy up as they go along if they were able to get the toys out, they are equally able to put them away again; this instils a sense of responsibility for their belongings and their environment.
  • Give your kids a laundry basket in their bedroom and ask them to bring it downstairs when you’re doing the laundry,  see how to implement this technique in this post, this will help to create good habits and help keep bedroom floors free from dirty laundry!
  • Set a timer!  Kids love a race and love working against a timer,  see who can collect the most, you or your kids!
  • Only give your child a couple of chores per day, you can rotate duties each week if you want them to learn new skills.
  • Have fun; it’s going to take twice as long do all the chores at first but have fun and play to your child’s strengths. My daughter hates recycling but loves to squeegee the shower, my son loves recycling but dislikes hanging things up.
  • Give your kids chores they enjoy doing!  Remember you’re not trying to do less work yourself, you’re striving to create good habits and life skills in your kids, and it should be fun for everyone,
  • Habits, when ignited in youngsters, are hard to break, make sure they are good habits!

Teenager chore chart

Younger kids love nothing better than spending time with their parents, so this is a great way to reward kids for compleating their charts, whether it’s taking each child out on their own, for some quality time or planning a family day out, it’s up to you which works best for your family. This teenager chore chart is great for helping your teenager get my earning it by working hard and being part of the team and helps them see how much they can save.

kids chore chart, toddler chore chart, teenager chore chart
kids chore chart


Frequently asked Q&A

Where can I find printable chore charts for a teenager? 

As outlined above, our printable teenager template chore chart is perfect as it is customisable so you can add your own chores to the chart following the guidelines in the post for age appropriate chores. 

Should kids do chores?

This is a parenting call, the reason I use a chore chart for kids is to build self esteem, assume personal responsibility, and encourage team work. 

What is a good age to teach kids to do chores? 

my kids started to learn personal responsibility as soon as they could walk. if they got it out they were encouraged to put it away. If I brushed their teeth they got a sticker on their chart , its all about encouraging good habits!

How do I convince my 9 year old daughter to do chores in the house?

I would start by doing some fun chores together like making breakfast, folding washing, making lunch. She will enjoy spending time with you and not realise she’s helping you. It’s better to teach life skills than to expect your child to graft around the house!

All my free printable kids chore charts are available to unlock in our resources library when you subscribe to our weekly updates!

kids chore chart, toddler chore chart, teenager chore chart
kids chore chart
printable kids chore charts

Do you have any tips for getting your kids to help around the home?  Drop us a line in the comments!

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8 of the best free kids chore charts to download today

How To Clean A Toilet Without A Brush

It’s not the most exciting topic in the world, but it’s a question I’m asked a lot! There are a vast amount of products on the market which promise to keep your loo smelling fresh and clean, however, without the correct tools and technique, your toilet can harbour up to  50 bacteria per square inch and three times as many bacteria on the floor of the bathroom.  In this post will discuss how to clean a toilet without using a brush or bleach.

For many years my cleaning company cleaned end of tenancy properties, so you can imagine some of the toilets I’ve had to clean. Some toilets should have had a flame thrower rather than a cleaner to get them spotless! on each of these properties we cleaned we brought the toilets back to new without using a toilet brush or bleach. In this post I’m going to show you how!

How To Clean A Toilet Without A Brush

To clean a toilet bowl without  a brush, you will need:

Most people assume that using a multipurpose bathroom cleaner is enough to clean all surfaces. However,  this may not be the case, depending on the ingredients of your spay.

An all-purpose bathroom cleaner will clean the gunk but will not kill any germs; there is a good chance you may remove some bacteria as you’re wiping but not all of them. So, effectively after you’d cleaned using an all-purpose bathroom cleaner, you’d need to respray it with a disinfectant to kill the germs after you’ve removed the dirt.  However, there are products which do both jobs, and it’s important to understand that you can’t just spray a disinfectant and expect it to work straight away. Most disinfectants have a dwell time of between five and ten minutes, so it’s a good idea to spray thoroughly covering the whole surface, then walk away and clean something else while it’s killing all those pesky bacteria!

How to clean a dirty toilet without a brush

Now you’ve got your cleaning kit, the big question is: how do you clean a toilet without a brush?

  1.  Start on the outside and remove any hair or dust with a dry cloth. Don’t skip this step as it is probably the step which will save you the most time in the long run. I prefer to hoover the whole of the bathroom before I start cleaning to remove any hairs and dust which would stick to all the surfaces if they got wet.
  2. Spray down the outside of the toilet,  the floor around the toilet, the seats and the insides of the lids,  with the cleaning disinfectant, spray the floor around the toilet bowl and leave it for the specified dwell time according to the manufacturer. Don’t skip the dwell time as this is the bit which kills the bacteria.
  3. Start by cleaning the outside of the toilet, starting from the top down to the bottom and then wipe the floor and walls around the toilet.
  4. Change your cloth.
  5.  Use a dry cloth to dry and polish the areas you have just cleaned.
  6. With another new cloth, clean the lid, toilet seat,  underneath of the seat in that order to ensure you are cleaning the most contaminated parts of the toilet last,  make sure that the bit at the back of the seat is also clean.
  7. Clean the upper rim of the toilet.
  8. Remove any hard urine stains from under the seat with your scrubber and some cream cleaner.
  9. Squirt a liberal amount of cream cleaner into the toilet bowl.
  10. Get your green scrubber and scrub hard underneath the rim, and inside the toilet bowl. It is easier to get the bowl clean if you remove the water from the bowl first.  You can remove the water from the bowl by bunching up some paper towels and soaking up the water then throw the paper towels away.
  11. When you’re finished cleaning the toilet bowl, flush the chain and use a toilet brush or cloth to rinse away any residue.
  12. With a clean, dry cloth, dry and polish all the surfaces you’ve just cleaned.
  13. Check for dust or hairs and remove or buff if necessary.

How to clean a toilet without scrubbing

A lot of areas have hard water, which can stain toilet bowls quite severely, and you might need something that will remove hard water stains in the toilet. If you’ve tried the steps above and you’re still struggling with toilet bowl stains, you may need to try using a pumice stone.

There is a particular pumice stone available for use in the toilet; you can find one here Pumice Cleaning Stone with Handle, Cleaning Block Deep Stains and Hard Water Ring Remover for Loo
It’s important to go for natural pumice rather than a manufactured one and always to use it wet. It’s very important that you try it on your toilet in an inconspicuous place as it may scratch depending on what your toilet is made from and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using.

Which is the best toilet brush to use?

Eww, toilet brushes are the most horrendous of items to keep in your bathroom especially when you’ve got little kids who want to stir it in the bowl before they’ve flushed!

I do not clean with a toilet brush because I don’t feel that it cleans the bowl as well as putting your hands down with some glove on and scrubbing with a green scrubby and some cream cleaner.

Toilet brushes can be huge germ collecters especially when they get full of soggy loo roll and other unmentionables! I was hugely thrilled when I found a solution to this gross problem in the shape of a rubber loo brush; nothing sticks to it, there are no screws to go rusty and its super easy to sanitise!  You can find a rubber toilet brush here  Double sided Strong Decontamination Toilet Bowl Brush with Holder

How to keep your toilet fresh and clean every day.

Ok, now you’ve got your loo super sparkly and squeaky clean you’ll want to keep it that way. There are two ways you can keep your toilet pristine

  1. Don’t let anyone use it
  2.  or give it a quick swish every day after everyone has used it!

Obviously, number one is impractical, so you will have to get used to swishing it every day.

  • Wipe  off the hair and dust with a dry cloth first
  • Spray a tiny amount of disinfectant cleaner on the seat and underneath the seat and allow to sit.
  • Wipe the seat and underneath quickly.
  • Using a loo brush, squirt some cleaner into the bowl and swish quickly around the bowl and under the rim.
  • Wipe down the front of the loo and around the floor
  • Quickly dry with a dry cloth

The whole swish process should take less than two minutes, it’s not a deep clean remember but a maintenance clean, you’re just stopping it from getting manky again, so next time you’re cleaning the bathroom, it’s not a huge task. If you are looking for tips on how to clean faster please click here

If you’re struggling with finding the motivation to clean read more here

Please note do not mix cleaning products, especially bleach and vinegar based cleaning solutions as this will create potentially fatal toxic fumes.

how to clean a toilet without using a brush. advert for a shark duo clean vaccum cleaner

Frequently asked Q&A

What is the best bathroom cleaner?

Well, I’m afraid you’re not going to like the answer to that question, the best bathroom cleaner is by far good old fashioned elbow grease, it’s not enough just to throw some vinegar or bleach down the loo and walk away, you’ve got to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.

 Should  I use paper towels or cloths to clean a toilet?

Cleaning cloths seem to be a big debate among professional cleaners, and it’s one which boils down to personal preference.

The benefit of using paper towels is they are disposable. However, I find that I get less lint, less waste and it works out much cheaper using cloths to clean your toilet.

As long as you ensure that you sanitise your cleaning cloths after cleaning, and you use a specific colour cloth for the toilets and bathrooms, you will be ok to use cloths.

How do I remove a toilet ring without scrubbing?

The best way to remove a hard water toilet ring without scrubbing is to use a pumice stone as discussed at the start of this post. Use the pumice stone wet and test on an inconspicuous area.

What are the alternatives to using a toilet brush?

if you’re what to use instead of a toilet brush you can follow the steps above for cleaning a toilet without using a brush. There are no quick fix DIY toilet brushes you are probably going to have to get your hands dirty!

What is the best no scrub toilet cleaner?

Many products claiming to be a no-scrub toilet cleaner often just bleach the stain but still leave it sitting on the toilet (if you felt it would feel rough rather than smooth and clean) this can lead to a build-up of hard water stain and calcium deposits which are very hard to remove after build up. The best thing to do is make sure you are cleaning your toilet every day to avoid build up and deposits.

How do you clean a toilet brush?

There is nothing grosser than a dirty toilet brush! the best way to clean a toilet brush is to firstly rinse off all the gunk underneath the flushing toilet. Once it has been removed fully you can then sanitise your toilet brush, this can be done by filling up your toilet brush holder ( if it is watertight )  with a bleach solution and standing your brush in the solution for a few hours, then rinsing if you do not have a watertight toilet brush holder you could use a sealed plastic zipper bag. follow the link above to order a rubber toilet brush which is much easier to sanitise and keep clean!

How do I keep the toilet clean?

The secret to keeping the toilet clean is to schedule it into your daily routine every day as outlined above. This will keep your toilet guest ready and smelling fresh follow the steps above for a sparkling loo!

How do you clean urine on the outside of a toilet?

The best way to keep the outside of your toilet smelling fresh is to wipe it down every day especially if you are teaching little boys how to use the toilet! I encourage my little boy to sit down at home and to stand up when he’s using the toilet anywhere else! I’ve found the best thing to take away the urine smell from around the toilet and floor is the Dettol Original Liquid Antiseptic Disinfectant for First Aid 750 ml,   it does a great job of odour neutralising and leaves a beautifully fresh clean smell.

What are some good ways to clean under the toilet rim without touching it?

The best way to clean under the toilet rim without touching it is to use a very small crevice brush such as these ones from Amazon

how to clean your toilet  without using a brush, with Oxo pack of two crevice brushes.

How often should I clean my toilet?

Ideally, you should give your toilet a thoroughly good clean roughly one a week. You should  give your toilet a maintenance wipe down every day your toilet to keep it clean. If you are not doing a maintenance wipe down every day you may find you need to do a thorough clean more frequently than once a week.

What do I need to clean a dirty toilet bowl?

You will need:

  • A good cloth, both microfiber and a glass cloth to polish.
  • A green scrubby or toilet brush if prefered
  • Toilet cleaner,  cream cleaner or bleach if prefered
  • Rubber gloves
  • Cleaning disinfectant
  • A small crevice brush or old toothbrush

To check out the products I keep in my cleaning kit, read this post

How do I use vinegar to clean a toilet bowl with stubborn stains?

Mix 15 drops of essential oil of your choice into  2 cups of white vinegar and spray into the toilet bowl and allow to sit for a few minutes. Next, sprinkle baking soda into the toilet bowl and scrub thoroughly with a green scrubby, then flush. For stubborn hard water stains use a pumice stone.

How do I clean my toilet after a sickness bug?

Cleaning your toilet after a sickness bug is a huge priority if you don’t want the germs to spread, follow the steps in this post to keep you and  your family safe from bugs

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how to clean a toilet without using a brush

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