Avoid Blogger Burnout With Our Free Blog Planner Templates!


Why I’m sharing my blog planner template bundle with you.

I  decided to put together a fabulous bundle of free blogging resources, to help you simplify your blogging day and keep you organised and motivated, right up until the moment you hit the publish button and way beyond!

As a new blogger, I needed all the help I could get to keep me on track to create great blog posts.

However, I could never find the right worksheets to keep me motivated and organised while planning my blog.

Most of the worksheets  I downloaded were either overcomplicated or dull and uninspiring.

So, today I have decided to share with you the tools I use for organising my time and ideas in one handy bundle which won’t cost you a single penny!

I hope you find these worksheets helpful.


Daily blog planner pages

I use these daily blog planner to plan my daily tasks, write a list of things I need to fix or improve and to check off my social media posts.   The blog planner templates are printed from Monday through to Sunday so you can plan for the week ahead or look back throughout the week for reference. There is also a spot for any ideas which you may need to jot down.


daily blog planner checklist template



Monthly blog planner printable

I use this to do my brainstorming for the month’s blog posts, jot down any blog titles that spring to mind, write ideas for social media posts, I have also created a space for improvements needed on my blog or images for the upcoming month. these monthly blog planner printables run from January through to December, so there is plenty of opportunity for advanced planning and scheduling.



Monthly blog planner template .



Blank blog planner template

I’ve included a blank blog planner template to use as an additional or a customisable blog planner page!


blog planner template

Social media checklist template

This is a little checklist  I created to record my follower growth on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

blog planner template


Instagram checklist template

Twitter checklist template

Facebook checklist template




I use these simple social media checklist templates to plan which posts I’d like to schedule to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and at what time to schedule them.

Blog planner template
Blog planner templates




I use the Instagram checklist template with Planoly to schedule all my posts, here is a screenshot of my Instagram feed.



Using Planoly scheduling allows me to create a beautiful feed with minimal hassle.


Blog planner template







Password keeper

I use this internet password organizer to store all the passwords and usernames to all websites connected to my blog.

Blog planner template






These free blog planner checklist templates are simple, cleanly designed and easy to follow, to keep your ideas and thoughts flowing and the best bit is they’re completely free!

 To download my free blog planner printables click  here


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