How To Motivate Your Husband To Declutter His Stuff.


It can be so frustrating when you are overwhelmed with your spouse’s stuff. In this post, we will discuss how you can motivate your husband to declutter his stuff.


The questions I’m asked all the time are:

  • How do I declutter when my partner isn’t on board?
  • How do I get my spouse to declutter?
  • How can I declutter when my husband won’t let me throw anything away
  • What do I do when I live with a packrat?
  • How can I get my husband to embrace minimalism?
  • My wife is a hoarder how can I get her to declutter?
  • My family won’t let me declutter how can I get them on board?

It seems that a lot of people who want to live a life of less, live with a packrat and I’m talking from experience when I say,  there’s nothing more frustrating!




 So what do we do when we live with a packrat?


  • Throw away their stuff and hope they don’t notice?
  • Nag them consistently until they comply?
  • Argue constantly about their clutter?

Of course not, none of those methods is going to work.




How to motivate your husband to declutter


Firstly concentrate on your own “stuff”, you will soon realise that other people’s stuff is not entirely the whole problem.

  • Make a decision today that you will only concentrate on your own possessions, for the time being, don’t worry about anything else for now.


  • Imagine you live on your own, would all the possessions you own right now be conducive to a minimalist lifestyle or are you hanging onto tons of stuff you don’t need?


  • Have you been so hung up on all your husband’s clutter that you failed to realise how much stuff you need to declutter?


I would like to bet that you  have plenty to declutter from the following categories

  1.  Clothes,
  2.  Miscellaneous,
  3.  Paperwork
  4. Kitchen 
  5. Beauty products and cosmetics
  6.  Sentimental items and photographs
  7. Ornaments
  8. Jewellery
  9. Accessories
  10. Gadgets
  11. Old phones and iPads
  12. Electronics
  13. Books

Be honest, does your spouse really have more clutter than you, or are you just blind to how much you own?

If you are wondering where to start decluttering, start with clothes, this is the easiest category to declutter because we are less attached to our clothes than we are our sentimental items. by making sentimental items the last category to declutter, we should find it much easier to part with our possessions than we did when we started.




How to start decluttering.


  Starting with your clothes, pile everything from each category on the bed, then hold each item, if the item brings you joy you keep it if it doesn’t, you don’t,  it’s as simple as that.



Rules for decluttering, how to get rid of your stuff.


  • Anything which is  broken
  • Clothing which  doesn’t fit, is uncomfortable or needs altering
  • Clothing which has never been worn
  • Beauty products and gadgets never used
  • Duplicate items
  • Unwanted gifts
  • Items you don’t love
  • Items you don’t use or love
  • Old gadgets and phones
  • Unused DVDs and CDs
  • Unused books and magazines
  • Unneeded paperwork
  • Unused candles.

That’s a lot of stuff for you to focus on decluttering instead of getting rid of your spouse’s stuff!


how to declutter when your partner is not on board

It wasn’t long after I started  following this method of decluttering, that I became hooked very quickly

  • I discarded or donated approximately 70 % of my stuff.
  • I only kept approximately 30% of my original possessions.
  • Everything that I decided to keep was things I loved, which made me happy.
  • I started to enjoy the empty, space, clarity, serenity and tidiness I created every time I decluttered an area.
  • Then, I began to notice that everyone else in the house kept the new empty clean spaces tidy and stopped piling stuff up in those areas like they used to. it was as if I was setting the standards of how I wanted our home to look and they just automatically fell in with that.
  • No one left anything lying around like they used to.
  • My spouse and the kids seemed to start to declutter their items without being asked to. I would find my husband decluttering his stuff, which was totally unheard of, it was as if he felt he needed more order and space with his belongings and had come to this realisation on his own.
  • due to the fact that there was much less stuff in our house, the kids had more space to play and the Toys only took a few minutes maximum to tidy up each evening before bed.
  • Cleaning the house was quicker and easier so we spent more quality time as a family.
  • we stopped buying stuff we didn’t need  and started saving for emergencies

Getting your packrat to declutter is simply not the way to tackle things at this stage, start on your stuff, move on to the kid’s stuff and watch how the whole house seems to get tidier as people notice the empty spaces!

To my surprise, I learnt that if I keep my stuff in order, everyone else will too!


I was asked on social media:

“What should I do when my husband tells me to keep clothing I don’t like or wear because he likes it?”

This question  is a tricky one and one only you can answer, however, my rules for this would be to donate if

  1. It doesn’t fit
  2. It is uncomfortable in any way.
  3. It doesn’t make you feel a million dollars
  4. It is old, worn and generally grotty
  5. You don’t love it!

I would never tell my spouse what to wear and I wouldn’t expect him to tell me what to wear so its an easy one for me! Luckily my other half doesn’t notice what goes in and out of my wardrobe so that helps!


Do you live with a spouse who is a packrat or are you the clutter bug? let us know in the comments!

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how to motivate your husband to declutter



how to motivate your husband to declutter
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how to motivate your husband to declutter
how to motivate your husband to declutter



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