How To Start Minimalist Decluttering

There are many benefits to being a minimalist but it can be a struggle to know how to start living a minimalist lifestyle, in this post, we will talk you through some quick minimalist tips to show you the rewards of minimalist decluttering to start living a minimalist lifestyle.


Being a minimalist may mean different things to different people. To me minimalism means  living with  only the  things  you need and not having :

  • Six pairs of nail clippers.
  • Thousands of paper clips
  • Three spatulas
  • Six jugs
  • Four mascaras
  • Ten pairs of jeans
  • Three rolls of sticky tape
  • Three hammers
  • Four broken phones
  • Five pairs of unworn  spectacles
  • 300 books

If you’re wondering how to start living a minimalist lifestyle you should perhaps think about what minimalism means to you.

What is your goal?

Is your goal to reduce the number of items you own?

Is it to be able to treasure the items you love?

Is it to live in a peaceful environment or is it a mix of all of the above?

Becoming a minimalist is not an overnight accomplishment, it’s changing your habits and lifestyle to become more mindful of your surroundings and the impact you have on the environment, it’s about reducing waste and changing your habits as a consumer.

Becoming a minimalist is about not buying or keeping stuff you don’t need or use, it’s about getting rid of the extra stuff and not buying anymore!

Read how to get rid of your junk drawer in one simple step here 







 Minimalist motivation: Minimalist lifestyle tips.





  •  Do you keep extra wrapping paper and sticky tape just in case you’ve got thousands of presents to wrap?


  •  Do you keep six pairs of nail clippers in case you want to cut the toenails of all the people in the village at the same time?


  • Do you keep three spatulas in case the other two break?


See how crazy it all sounds when we put it like that?


You need to break the” just in case” habit and stop clinging on to stuff you don’t need.

My favourite Bloggers The Minimalists, talk about how most things can be replaced within a few hours for less than a few quid if it is to be replaced in an emergency.







I can vouch for this as I’ve often been known to ask one of the neighbours to open a can of beans for me when my can opener has broken, so we can get by if we have to in an emergency.

Let go of your” just in case” worries and ask yourself when was the last time “just in case” actually happened?



How to start a minimalist decluttering



  • Start with a particular group of items, we will use candles as an example in this case.


  • Search through the entire house, garage, loft, handbag etc  and gather every single candle you own


  • Group them all together in one spot , its not until you’ve gathered every single one you own into one place that you can really see the extent of how much you are hanging onto just in case you need it . its also useful see how much you may bulk buy and hoard items such as cleaning products and beauty products. when you see your hoard all bunched together you’ll start to wonder why you’ve got so much stuff.



  • Keep only the items that you use or love, nothing else!


  • Find a permanent home for the items you decide to keep, this will ensure that all the members of the family know where to find it and where to return it to, this leads to less mess being left out on surfaces and countertops.



  • Try not to keep things just in case you need it.



  • Be extra careful you’re not just buying things you don’t need because they’re on sale or they seem like a bargain!






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